Zwischenzug Strategy: A Chess Shock Offensive

When we counter an attack with a major offensive somewhere else and with serious consequences we shock the enemy. This is called a zwischenzug chess strategy. It's like the enemy attacks with a gunshot and we retaliate with tank artillery fire so that the enemy ends up being defensive.

For instance, the enemy tries to check our rook. Instead of just reacting to this and moving our rook away we move some place else by checking the enemy king or queen, or even double check the two. This jolts the enemy effectively that the planned assault against us would be aborted in favor of defending the king or queen. Major pieces sent out to assault our fortress will be recalled to do a defense job.

A zwischenzug chess strategy should remain a secret plot until the right time. The best way to do this is to prepare a long-distance from a well supported rook or bishop. The support may come from afar or somewhere near the enemy piece we plan to check. And the more support, the better. Hence, for instance, if the enemy checks our knight with a pawn, and by moving the pawn the path is cleared for our bishop to glide from one end to another checking the enemy queen face to face (and well supported by a knight and rook at that), the enemy will shift from offense to defense.

If the enemy pawn checks our knight we can ignore the situation and place our king or a pawn checking a rook. If the enemy queen checks our king we can always put a rook beside the king to block the check and counter check the checking queen, sending it scampering away to safety.

Some beginners always focus on the checks of the enemy, not aware that an available zwischenzug is looming somewhere in their favor. Thus, when checked, the best option is to study the whole situation first before making a move. Look for a possible zwischenzug more powerful than the enemy's attack.

When a zwischenzug is used against us, the best thing to do is block the attack with minor available piece. If this is not possible, the next option is to hide the checked piece as safely as possible, watching out against double-checks. When the enemy loses opportunity to check us we should have a ready heavy counter attack.

A zwischenzug chess strategy is among the best counter strategy against an initial enemy attack.


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