Double Jeopardy Strategy in Chess

One of the most effective chess strategies for beginners is called "Double-Checking" in chess. Because of its effectiveness even pros often use this technique. Here is a summary of how this strategy is put to work.

The double-check strategy can be done with any chess piece. Even the king. Though kings seldom check they're not exempt from this technique. Place a double-checking piece such that it checks two enemy pieces simultaneously while not itself being subject to capture. The best way of executing this tactic is to make it less obvious. The double-checking piece should appear to suddenly come out of nowhere by coming from a distance or from a crowd of chess pieces.

Let's take a pawn for example. A pawn double-checking should be like a set trap waiting for the prey to come forward. We cannot have a pawn charging to intended victims because, first, it would be too obvious and second, it would be too time consuming. Just have two or three pawns lined up in their row of origin quietly along with nearby pieces. Then, in the heat of battle, when we chance upon the opponent inadvertently retreating a rook and later a knight a mere square or two from our pawns we strike. A pawn can check both pieces safely.

It's easy to imagine how a queen, rook, bishop, and knight can do a double-check. A queen almost always does double-checking in chess or two in every game. With its versatile horizontal, vertical, or diagonal moves, it's bound to check 2 to 7 (or multi-check) enemy pieces at the same time. It can check enemy pieces standing on both extremes of any direction it takes, forward and backward.

Rooks can check 2 to 3 (or triple check) pieces at the same time. Enemy pieces hit by its forward and backward paths, horizontally or vertically, are checked. Rooks can even double-check the king and queen, without the latter being able to capture it. This is done either by pining or skewering with a back-up.

Bishops can double-check 2 to 3 pieces. Knights can double-check 2 to 7 pieces. Bishops and knights should often be defended when doing a double-check, especially against the queen—although knights have the ability to often go through it alone.

It would be a great thing to study and master double-checking in chess because it quickly demolishes the enemy's defenses. We would win quickly and surely if we have two or three chances of double-checking in a game.


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